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Universe Story Trilogy

Cosmology for everyone, this is a story of the universe from the Big Bang to the formation of Earth, in the form of a letter written by the thirteen-billion-year-old universe itself to an Earthling.
The Universe continues with the story of Earth from the beginning of life up to the extinction of dinosaurs.
Covers the story of mammals from 65 million years ago to today, including the human story.

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Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story
(Book 3)

Topics Covered:

Mammal evolution
Evolution of cooperation
Human evolution
Symbolic thought
Beginning of agriculture
Environmental Crisis
Crisis and Creativity
Recapitulation of the cosmic story

Paperback $9.95 ISBN 1-58469-085-2
Hardback $19.95 ISBN 1-58469-084-4
Published by Dawn Publications (

"A fantastic journey through time. It is a story of mammalian evolution told in a way that will engage and enchant, as well as educate, children and adults alike. It is a must for every school library -- and I shall give it to my grandchildren and my sister's grandchildren and my godchildren for Christmas and birthday presents."
-- Dr. Jane Goodall,

"These books are alive with wonder, radiance, and deep relevance . . . cosmic gifts that powerfully remind all humans about our source, our connections, and our responsibility. Now students have books to hold and read over and over again."

-- Judi Bauerlein, President
American Montessori Society

"Our place in the natural world and the marvelous story of how we came about is one of the greatest stories a child can learn. Jennifer Morgan relates our knowledge of human evolution with the wonder and excitement it deserves."
-- Dr. Alan E. Mann,
Anthropology Professor
Princeton University

"The ability to translate complex, technical information about the world into language ordinary people can understand and enjoy is an art -- and doing so for young readers is the most difficult form of that art. This book proves for the third time in a row that Ms. Morgan is a master at it."
-- Michael Lemonick, Author,
The Light at the Edge of the Universe
Echo of the Big Bang