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Winner of Learning Magazine's Teachers Choice Award, 2003, chosen by a panel of 80 teachers!

BORN WITH A BANG: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story (Book 1)

The Universe tells its own life story of chaos and creativity. Time after time, starting with the Big Bang, the Universe nearly perishes, then triumphs and turns itself into new and even more spectacular forms--like the Sun and Earth. it even turns itself into Earthling scientists who help the Universe discover more about itself. This is a science story from the inside. And it's a story about you, from the time you were really born--about 13 billion years ago. Cosmology for children and adults, this is an origin story for everyone.

Paperback $9.95 ISBN: 1-58469-032-1
Hardback $19.95 ISBN: 1-58469-033-X

The Universe Tells Our Earth Story
(Book 2)

The Universe tells the thrilling story of Earth. It's a story about the beginning of life, and how Earth triumphs over crises to become bacteria . . . jellyfish . . . flowers . . . dinosaurs! It's a science story that is your story too, the story of your living Earth and the unbrokent chain that connects you to the very first life that began to twitch in the sea four billion years ago.

Paperback $9.95 ISBN: 1-58469-042-9
Hardback $19.95 ISBN: 1-58469-043-7

Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story
(Book 3)

The Universe continues the story of life on Earth, describing how tiny shrewlike mammals turned into humans. It covers the story of large and small mammals and how one remarkable kind of mammal began to stand up, cook food over fires, tell stories and study the stars. It's your story, the story of your unbroken connection to your tiny ancestors, who survived the great extinction when all dinosaurs perished, 65 million years ago.

Paperback $9.95 ISBN: 1-58469-085-2
Hardback $19.95 ISBN: 1-58469-084-4