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Telling the Universe Story at the Littleton Lyceum

Gave a program at the Littleton Lyceum in Littleton Massachusetts on a frigid snow threatening Friday. The Littleton Lyceum in the oldest continuously run Lyceum in the US and if you don't know what a Lyceum is -- as I didn't - the name comes from the garden where Aristotle held forth and educated the masses about science. Lyceums traditionally made science educational and entertaining for everyone. This particular Lyceum claims such participants as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau who lived in Concord, very close to Littleton. Eva Apfelbaum asked me to present there after seeing a performance at Chestnut Hill College where she saw the educational and entertainment value of teaching science through story. The program drew over 100 of mixed ages and turned into a lively discussion that extended for an hour after the program was over. A nine year old boy wanted to be sure I knew that he was really nine years old, even though the hydrogen in his body was 13.7 billion years old.
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