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Teaching Element Formation Through Storytelling at Fraser-Woods Montessori School

Chemistry is so often taught in a way that is duller than dishwater when it's so easy to make it exciting . . . thrilling actually . . . when you teach chemistry through storytelling. Teaching inside the context of a story makes all the difference . . . through the drama of evolution we see how once there were no elements and how they fused together under unbelievable conditions of heat and pressure and that every atom inside our bodies was forged in the big bang or inside of a star. I feel so passionately that every chemistry teacher should start the year with the story of where and how all the elements came into being. Students are full of awe and intensely interested in where things come from, as they were recently in the Middle School at the Fraser-Woods Montessori School in Newtown, MA. Once students have this story, they can place everything they learn inside of the larger story context. Please my dear teachers . . . tell your students stories. They will love it!
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