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Using the books at the high school level . . . and beyond.

People often tell me that the books have helpful for adults and high school students to learn the story. Here's a comment I received today from Sr. Linda Neil, CSJ, a teacher at Catholic Central High School, Troy, New York:

"I wanted to express my thanks for your books, especially Born with a Bang. This creative approach really helped me to understand the great flaring forth in a concrete way. When I was trying to explain the Big Bang to my high school environmental students I could see that they were just not getting it- evolution was just believing that we descended from monkeys. So I took a chance and read the book to them. I did preface the reading by explaining that the book had been my door into understanding the cosmic story and I hoped it would do the same for them. They really enjoyed the book and were very attentive to the story! When they had to explain their understanding of the 'New Story', many of them refered to Born with a Bang to frame their explainations. Thanks so much for these creative, understandable yet awe-inspiring resources!"
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