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Befriending Creation, Friends Meeting at Cambridge, MA

The latest issue of Befriending Creation, a newsletter put out by the Friends Meeting At Cambridge, MA, includes a review of the Universe Story Trilogy. (See the link to the right.) In October, at the invitation of dear friend Mary Coelho (author of Awakening Universe and a member of that community), I gave two programs for the Cambridge Meeting Community, one on the Hero's Journey and the Universe Story, and a second on the New Cosmology. Anyone interested in the overlap between Quakerism and the New Story should definitely read Quakers and the New Story, Essays on Science and Spirituality, written by Mary Coelho, Philip Clayton and The New Story Study Group (Cambridge). It's terrific and beautifully written, explaining the core importance of "Leadings" in Quakerism, the inner light and impulse is compared with the concept of "Interiority" in the New Story. (See link to the right.)

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