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Cosmic Story Cards and Timeline now available!

This last weekend, Cosmic Story Cards and a Timeline based on Born With a Bang were released by Wasecabiomes.org and enthusiastically received at the AMS (American Montessori Society) conference in Chicago. The Cosmic Story Cards and Timeline package contains:

1. A large card set for the teachers to tell the story with the picture on one side of the card and a simple text line on the back for the teacher to read.
2. A small card set for the students to sequence on their mats.
3. Very small card set for the students to position on the spiral timeline.

Students can read Born With a Bang first and then sequence the cards or the other way around. The cards are a very simple telling of the story while the books offers a more in depth telling and additional science information in the back.

Information about the products will be on the Waseca website very soon but in the meantime you can call Waseca for information and a catalog at 866-546-8833.
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