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Earthrise Farm Creates BORN WITH A BANG Story Path

Earthrise Farm in Madison, MN, created large plaques of the spreads (illustrations and text) from Born With a Bang for an incredible journey of the universe walk in the woods. Here's a message I just received from Kay and Annette Fernholtz about the opening day walk:

Dear Jennifer and Dana,
Just want to let you know how present you were on Sunday evening as we assembled in our woods to celebrate our annual Earth Sabbath...We have wonderful pictures of participants walking the Story path with candles in a jar, pausing, smiling, and overwhelmed by the magnificence of your story, Born With A Bang...The mosquitoes were conspicuous for their absence, the sun was streaming through the branches and the rains had stopped for a day to allow us to be fully present to each other at the great fire ring within the cathedral of the outdoors...We have many pictures to share with you. Yesterday 20 6,7,8,9, year olds walked the path with the older ones reading while the youngers listened with delight. It was a rainy day, but it made the walk even more moist with delight. The responses after the walk were so right on. Thank you again, we hope to be able to acquire the mat that now accompanies the first book...Peace and all good things ...Annette and Kay
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