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Greening of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

Was able to visit the Ignatius Jesuit Centre of Guelph, Canada, on my way to the International Big History Association in Grand Rapids, MI. The former director, Fr. James Profit and I met in Ireland just a few weeks ago where I was able to experience first hand the way that he and others are greening the exercises and placing them inside the cosmic story of evolution. This is extremely important work because it creates an avenue for people from the Christian tradition to relate to the story of evolution and see the interconnections of earth and humans in an highly compelling light that moves people to action.


The Center is a 600 acre green belt, a retreat center, has a foundation for Ecology ministry, and a very large farm feeding 1000 people through a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture Association) .

Note the picture of the cosmic walk on their property, created with a local Catholic high school, to trace the cosmic story from the Big Bang to today.

The heart breaking news is that Guelph has had only 40% of their normal rainfall and many trees that were lovingly planted over the years are dying.

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