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Universe Story Trilogy

Cosmology for everyone, this is a story of the universe from the Big Bang to the formation of Earth, in the form of a letter written by the thirteen-billion-year-old universe itself to an Earthling.
The Universe continues with the story of Earth from the beginning of life up to the extinction of dinosaurs.
Covers the story of mammals from 65 million years ago to today, including the human story.

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Storytelling Upon a Fossil Reef

September 3, 2010

Tags: fossils, art, science, music, storytelling

Isle La Motte, Vermont, the northern most island in Lake Champlain sits on top of the oldest diverse fossil reef in the world, the Chazy Reef, once a 1,000 mile-long reef formed 480 million years ago along the continental shelf of North America when it was in the southern hemisphere where Africa is today. Linda Fitch, a very dear friend, started the Isle La Motte Preservation Trust to preserve over 100 acres of land with fossil outcrops and a quarry. Huge fossil stromatoperoids (colonial animals), gastropods, cephalods, and sponges are clearly visible on the quarry walls and in rock outcrops. Five years ago, the ILMPT opened a visitor center and last year drew over 3,000 people. There's something magical and deeply moving about seeing the fossils in situ, knowing that these animals once wafted and swam in tropical waters thousands of miles from their current location.

In addition to managing the ILMPT, Linda holds Sunday afternoon Tea Garden at Fisk Farm, her home, with concerts, and art exhibits in the barn. On display right now is artwork by Mary Coelho, author of Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood . . . remarkable water colors and accordion books centered on the theme of ďAwakening from the Illusion of Separateness,Ē art that beautifully expresses vastness and deep connection at the same time. At Fisk Farm we're now calling her show the goose bump show because people often say (independently of each other) that they feel goose bumps creeping across their arms as they look at her work. The exhibit brings together art, fossils, the story of the universe, and music. Linda and Claire Durand, another dear friend, both professional musicians and I developed a storytelling performance about the Chazy Reef. See pictures. This is the first time Iíve done storytelling with musicians and I LOVE IT! The music adds so much color and mood and itís great fun to practice and develop the work together. Through the story people easily see the reef in its relationship to the unfolding story of life.

Yes, Iím deep into writing another book, this one for adults. Will keep you posted.
Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim teaching a course in Religion and Ecology at Princeton University (Fall 2012)

David Christian, founder and president, International Big History Association, at the first IBHA conference held in Grand Rapids, MI, August 2 - 5

On a panel with Montessori educators.

Storytelling at the International Big History conference, Aug. 2 - 5

With Fr. James Profit at the Ignatian Retreat Centre of Guelph, Canada

At the Princeton Center for Teacher Education, Montessori teachers in training act out the story of universe as part of a full day training in Cosmic Education.

With Srs. Anne Harnett and Margaret Rose at Drumalis, Larne (half hour east of Belfast on the Irish Sea), Northern Ireland

With Eli, Teo and Thea at the San Francisco Public Montessori School.

Opening of the BORN WITH A BANG Story Path at Earthrise Farm

BORN WITH A BANG Story Path at Earthrise Farm

Cosmic Story Timeline. Students sequence cards that tell the cosmic story along the mat size spiral timeline. To purchase contact at 866-546-8833.

Student teachers at The Barrie School acting out the story.

Teaching element formation through storytelling at Fraser-Woods Montessori School, Newtown, CT.

Fraser-Woods Montessori School.

With Judi Bauerlein (former president, American Montessori Society) and Iliano, owner of Baklava, a restaurant in Palo Alto where we had lunch. (11/30/10)

Telling the Chazy Reef Story on Isle La Motte, VT

Linda Fitch on piano and Claire Durand on flute for the Chazy Reef Story

Telling the Chazy Reef Story on Isle La Motte, VT

My Mom, also known as Maureen Morgan, in the garden.

With Suzanne Guthrie in the herb garden at Community of the Holy Spirit

Preparing brunch in the farm kichen at the Community of the Holy Spirit

Page from Barbara Morgan's notebook on the need for a cosmology for our time.

At the World Science Festival with Dr. Chad Orzel, author of How To Teach Physics to Your Dog.

With Dr. Andrew Zwicker, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab