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Universe Story Trilogy

Cosmology for everyone, this is a story of the universe from the Big Bang to the formation of Earth, in the form of a letter written by the thirteen-billion-year-old universe itself to an Earthling.
The Universe continues with the story of Earth from the beginning of life up to the extinction of dinosaurs.
Covers the story of mammals from 65 million years ago to today, including the human story.

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Programs in the New Cosmology

Professional Development for Teachers

Ms. Morgan gives three-hour and six-hour teacher trainings in how to teach the cosmic story through storytelling, discussions, movement and other activites. Programs for Montessori teachers cover the Montessori Cosmic Education Curriculum, the Great Lessons, and storytelling.

School Visits

School visits, tailored specifically for your school, can include programs for students, teachers and parents. Programs for students include discussions about writing and publishing books, the story of the universe (science concepts and dramatic storytelling in the electrifying robe with sound effects). For a list of schools Ms. Morgan has already visited, see "Bio".

Board and Staff Retreats

Deeply inspire your Board and Staff with storytelling and discussions that will enable your staff and board to see their work inside the context of an evolving universe. Organizational mission, transformation, and forming partnerships are topics of particular interest.

Programs for Protestant Clergy and Catholic Religious

Programs include:
1. The basic outline of the Epic of Evolution including the Stories of the Cosmos, Life and Human Evolution in their broad outlines,
2. The most important science concepts to know.
3. An exploration of meaning, belonging, identity and the governing themes inside the Epic of Evolution.
4. Models of God, Christian symbols and sacraments in the light of the evolution story.
5. The ancient practice of spiritual discernment inside of evolution.

Spiritual Retreats

Click here to see a brochure for a weekend retreat (11/​09) led by Ms. Morgan on archetypes in cosmology.

Topics for any program can include:

WHERE ARE WE IN OUR COSMIC STORY? What are the imperatives of today?

THE HERO'S JOURNEY and THE UNIVERSE STORY. What does it mean to be a "hero" today?

INNOVATION, TRANSFORMATION, FORMING PARTNERSHIPS and the current moment in the 13.7 billion year universe story.

SCIENCE CONCEPTS: Big Bang, Beginning of Life, element formation, solar system, Evolution, Human Story, WMAP, and many others


Differentiation, Interiority, Communion


Jennifer Morgan. (Photo by Lael Morgan.)

Your presentation couldn’t have been better! You've enlightened a considerable portion of my parent population, and I'm eternally grateful for that.
Sincerely, David Shilt, San Francisco Public Montessori School

"A whole generation of teachers have grown up with these stories as their cultural framework or guides."
-- Ann Gavey, Rising Star Montessori School
Alameda, CA

In the "electrifying robe."

Dear Jennifer,

You were a hit. Your presentation to parents on Maria Montessori's contributions to science education and the young child were so helpful to put her work in education in perspective. It is often a stretch for adults to understand the Montessori focus on "cosmic education" and the reasons for mastering the universe through the great stories. You brought it to life for our students and the parents who were fortunate enough to be swept away by your storytelling!

Thanks again.
Susanne Gregory
Head of School
Richmond Montessori School

Storytelling at Mission Montessori, Phoenix, AZ, during an evening of stargazing.

Teacher training at Barnes and Noble, Princeton, NJ.

Storytelling at Maryknoll, Ossining, New York. (2007)

Teachers in the Philippines create a timeline using the Universe Story Trilogy.

Jennifer Morgan