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Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story
(Book 3)

Topics Covered:

Mammal evolution
Evolution of cooperation
Human evolution
Symbolic thought
Beginning of agriculture
Environmental Crisis
Crisis and Creativity
Recapitulation of the cosmic story

Paperback $9.95 ISBN 1-58469-085-2
Hardback $19.95 ISBN 1-58469-084-4
Published by Dawn Publications (

"A fantastic journey through time. It is a story of mammalian evolution told in a way that will engage and enchant, as well as educate, children and adults alike. It is a must for every school library -- and I shall give it to my grandchildren and my sister's grandchildren and my godchildren for Christmas and birthday presents."
-- Dr. Jane Goodall,

"These books are alive with wonder, radiance, and deep relevance . . . cosmic gifts that powerfully remind all humans about our source, our connections, and our responsibility. Now students have books to hold and read over and over again."

-- Judi Bauerlein, President
American Montessori Society

"Our place in the natural world and the marvelous story of how we came about is one of the greatest stories a child can learn. Jennifer Morgan relates our knowledge of human evolution with the wonder and excitement it deserves."
-- Dr. Alan E. Mann,
Anthropology Professor
Princeton University

"The ability to translate complex, technical information about the world into language ordinary people can understand and enjoy is an art -- and doing so for young readers is the most difficult form of that art. This book proves for the third time in a row that Ms. Morgan is a master at it."
-- Michael Lemonick, Author,
The Light at the Edge of the Universe
Echo of the Big Bang