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Universe Story Trilogy

Cosmology for everyone, this is a story of the universe from the Big Bang to the formation of Earth, in the form of a letter written by the thirteen-billion-year-old universe itself to an Earthling.
The Universe continues with the story of Earth from the beginning of life up to the extinction of dinosaurs.
Covers the story of mammals from 65 million years ago to today, including the human story.

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The series "combines 'once upon a time' with science." -- New York Times

"Conveys complex scientific information without diminishing the mystery and wonder. And it's fun." -- The Trenton Times

"In this charming book, the 'Universe' is your home, your host, and your storyteller. If it could talk, it would say exactly what Jennifer has scripted for it." -- Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director, Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History

"That the Universe can now tell its story through Jennifer's voice and Dana's art, is the culmination of centuries of scientific inquiry." -- Dr. Thomas Berry, cultural historian, author, Dream of the Earth

"In the magic of this story . . . suddenly, we have the feeling that we BELONG." -- Dr. Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist, author, The Universe Story

"This spellbinding book traces our way back to the origin and mystery of the Universe and the awesome purpose of our existence." -- Sr. Miriam MacGillis, founder, Genesis Farm


"Will captivate children about life on our Earth before there were any chuildren at all."
-- Lynn Margulis, Ph.D., evolutionary biologist, co-developer of the Gaia hypothesis

"The sooner children hear these words, the better off they will be."
-- Thomas Berry, Ph.D., cultural historian, author, The Dream of the Earth

"By learning where we come from we can agree on where we are going . . . [A] splendid job of telling that story."
-- Matthew Fox, Ph.D., author, Original Blessing

"The story of life is, quite simply, the greatest story ever told . . . and here is the perfect first telling."
-- Bill McGibben, author, The End of Nature

"A primer for children of the 21st century. A must for all of us!"
-- Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, Conscious Evolution

"A brilliant opus."
-- S. Mark Henry, Ph.D., Manager of Biological Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Inc. (Ret.)

'A lovely story of evolution, which itself is a story evolving."
-- Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph. D., co-author, A Walk Through Time

"In the magic of this story . . . suddenly, we have the feeling that we BELONG."
-- Brian Swimme, Ph.D., mathematical cosmologist, author, The Universe Story


A FANTASTIC journey through time. It is the story of mammalian evolution told in a way that will engage and enchant, as well as educate, children and adutls alike. It is a must for every school library -- and I shall give it to my grandchildren and my sister's grandchildren and my godchildren for Christmas and birthday presents.
-- Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Founder, Jane Goodall Institute
UN Messenger of Peace

These books are alive with wonder, radiance, and deep relevance . . . cosmic gifts that powerfully remind all humans about our source, our connections, and our responsibility. Now students have books to hold and read over and over again.
-- Judy Bauerlein, President, American Montessori Society

Absolutely wonderful story and illustrations!
-- Brian Swimme, Cosmologist
author, The Universe Story

Our place in the natural world and the marvelous story of how we came about is one of the greatest stories a child can learn. Jennifer Morgan relates our knowledge of human evolution with the wonder and excitement it deserves.
-- Dr. Alan E. Mann, Anthropologist, Princeton University

The ability to translate complex, technical information about the world into language ordinary people can understand and enjoy is an art -- and doing so for young readers is the most difficult form of that art. MAMMALS WHO MORPH proves for the third time in a row that Ms. Morgan is a master at it.
-- Michael Lemonick, author, The Light at the Edge of the Universe and Echo of the Big Bang

From Teachers and Students . . .

The audience of PCTE Montessori instructors, students, master teachers and field consultants watched in awe as Jennifer Morgan told universe stories that helped the audience understand how innovation rises out of crisis. It was a wonderful, indeed powerful, time that allowed the audience to examine situations they related to using this idea of Cosmic Questions? Cosmic Answers.

-- Ann Wilson, Director
Princeton Center for Teacher Education

"The most beautifully illustrated books I've seen that deliver a powerful message to kids. Right now the books are on display in the classroom and fifth graders are treating them with utmost respect, many calling out, 'Mrs. Lyons, check this out!' What a great way to foster interest. Thank you!!!"
-- Maura Lyons, 4th & 5th grade science,
Applewild School, Fitchburg, MA

"While you were speaking, I was enthralled. Your book and the way you wrote it made me want to learn so much about the Big Bang and the creation of the universe." -- Caroline Collins, fifth grade

"I think it's great how you're actually learning something when you read this book because it's so good I forget that it's true because usually when you're learning something it's a boring book." -- Melanie, fifth grade

"I enjoyed the story and your original ideas about having the universe speak first person. The way you wrote the story made me want to read more and more. I cannot wait until you finish writing the second and third books." -- Kate, fifth grade

"I absolutely loved the book! It was awesome. Your book is more fun than a textbook." -- Allysa, fifth grade

At Rivera Elementary School, Trenton, New Jersey