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I've reached rock star status . . . finally!

Just gave a program for parents at the San Francisco Montessori School. When I arrived at the school, Dr. David Shilt, notified me that I'd reached rock star status with the elementary students. Though the program was for parents a bunch of the students came too. It was a delight and a blast really.  Read More 
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Cosmic Story Cards and Timeline now available!

This last weekend, Cosmic Story Cards and a Timeline based on Born With a Bang were released by Wasecabiomes.org and enthusiastically received at the AMS (American Montessori Society) conference in Chicago. The Cosmic Story Cards and Timeline package contains:

1. A large card set for the teachers to tell the story with the picture on  Read More 
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Teacher Training at The Barrie School, Silver Spring, MD

With elementary student teachers at The Barrie School
The Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies at The Barrie School was founded in 1980 and offers Montessori teacher education programs leading to certification for the infant through elementary levels. Fifteen student teachers participated in a workshop on storytelling and cosmic education. A new thing I've added to teacher trainings and school visits is singing . . . what  Read More 
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Teaching Element Formation Through Storytelling at Fraser-Woods Montessori School

Chemistry is so often taught in a way that is duller than dishwater when it's so easy to make it exciting . . . thrilling actually . . . when you teach chemistry through storytelling. Teaching inside the context of a story makes all the difference . . . through the drama of evolution we see how once there were no elements and  Read More 
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