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Teaching Element Formation Through Storytelling at Fraser-Woods Montessori School

Chemistry is so often taught in a way that is duller than dishwater when it's so easy to make it exciting . . . thrilling actually . . . when you teach chemistry through storytelling. Teaching inside the context of a story makes all the difference . . . through the drama of evolution we see how once there were no elements and  Read More 
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Telling the Universe Story at the Littleton Lyceum

Gave a program at the Littleton Lyceum in Littleton Massachusetts on a frigid snow threatening Friday. The Littleton Lyceum in the oldest continuously run Lyceum in the US and if you don't know what a Lyceum is -- as I didn't - the name comes from the garden where Aristotle held forth and educated  Read More 
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Befriending Creation, Friends Meeting at Cambridge, MA

The latest issue of Befriending Creation, a newsletter put out by the Friends Meeting At Cambridge, MA, includes a review of the Universe Story Trilogy. (See the link to the right.) In October, at the invitation of dear friend Mary Coelho (author of Awakening Universe and a member of that community), I gave two programs for  Read More 
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"Journey of the Universe" Movie Soon to be Released!

Lots happening, from giving programs in Maine to now writing in California and meeting with colleagues here in the Bay Area (and hanging out with my son who is a student at Stanford). Had lunch yesterday with Judi Bauerlein, former president of the American Montessori Society and someone who loves cosmology as much as  Read More 
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Storytelling Upon a Fossil Reef

Isle La Motte, Vermont, the northern most island in Lake Champlain sits on top of the oldest diverse fossil reef in the world, the Chazy Reef, once a 1,000 mile-long reef formed 480 million years ago along the continental shelf of North America when it was in the southern hemisphere where Africa is today. Linda Fitch, a  Read More 
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Growing Your Own Food . . . Square Foot Gardening With the Neighbors

My Mom, Maureen Morgan -- a musician of extraordinary creativity and an environmental advocate involved in a number of causes -- has always been at the forefront of new ideas and ways of living. Rather than simply talk about our concerns re the food system, she's actually doing something I've talked about for a  Read More 
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Using the books at the high school level . . . and beyond.

People often tell me that the books have helpful for adults and high school students to learn the story. Here's a comment I received today from Sr. Linda Neil, CSJ, a teacher at Catholic Central High School, Troy, New York:

"I wanted to express my thanks for your books, especially Born with a Bang.  Read More 
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The PERIODIC TABLE and FRESH VEGGIES at the Community of the Holy Spirit

Spent two weeks with The Community of the Holy Spirit in Brewster, New York, a community of Episcopalian sisters and their resident companions including Episcopal priest Suzanne Guthrie, and her husband Bill Consiglio.  Read More 
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"Kids on Climate Change"

There's a great new movie out produced and directed by Lynne Cherry, author of The Great Kapok Tree -- Kids on Climate Change -- which will inspire your students and children. This is an excellent movie to show in an environmental film festival.
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The Power of Grandmothers . . . and Creating a Cosmology for our Age!

"So . . . how'd you get interested in cosmology?" I'm often asked that question. My grandmother, Barbara Morgan, a renowned photographer of dance (Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Eric Hawkins, Pearl Primus, Jose Limon) had huge impact on me as a child. To wander into her studio was to come face to face with nearly life size images of  Read More 
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